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Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

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Robert Briese
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Robert Briese


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Ready to get more out of Agile with Semco Style?
Agile is not only about implementing a new project management tool – it begins with teaching the Agile philosophy and starting to transform the work culture. But without a holistic understanding of Agile, managers often act in conventional ways that are in contrast with the principles of Agile and unwittingly undermine their Agile teams. In fact, one of the key tenets of Agile is to put people over process – but ironically, Agile itself often has been interpreted as a process and is being imposed on people. Born out of years of experience, the Semco Style Framework and Roadmap provide a growing library of practices to build an Agile Culture.

Agile Culture Essentials (ACE) makes this Framework and Roadmap available for use by aspiring organizations that are looking to build a truly Agile workplace. Are you ready create truly self-managed agile teams? 
This training program is tailor made for Agile Coaches and leaders of Agile organizations. It gives you a better understanding of the ground, daily actions and behaviors needed to build an Agile Culture. We will focus on where to begin and how to combine both, Semco Style and the Agile Manifesto, to create a culture shift that is rooted in trust and autonomy and how to create truly Agile leaders.

It’s for Agile Coaches who are looking to enhance their portfolio of practices and tools with specific focus on building an Agile culture as well as for Senior Managers who are looking to build high performance Agile teams / improve the velocity of existing teams.

The program condenses the knowledge you need to implement practices that build effective, self-organized and Agile teams. Ready to start a lasting agile transformation within your organization?

Certified LeSS Basics - ONLINE

Este curso no se encuentra disponible por el momento

Yo, Juan, quiero enseñar este curso porque creo firmemente que encontré en LeSS el marco de rediseño organizacional más simple y efectivo que libera todo el poder de Scrum dentro de una organización con multiples Equipos Scrum.

Pretendo enseñar este curso de una manera interactiva en la cual no seré yo únicamente hablando y presentando conceptos sino que los estudiantes deberán interactuar, debatir y contribuir sus opiniones y experiencias personales.

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